Citizen Scientists

hazardous wasteThe  chemical industry manufactures ignorance and uncertainty around the chemicals it routinely releases into the environment, and for that reason we need to participate in our own scientific research, and become ordinary experts, or citizen scientists, to navigate through the many invisible dangers that surround us. The chemical industry is not being properly regulated and current medical models and practices do not research, test and address environmental impacts on bodies, and how to treat toxic poisons before they turns into chronic illnesses.  Through our research and engagement with science we will provide the evidence we need to hold guilty parties responsible and fight for universal healthcare as a human right.

The data we are collecting is an epidemiological study of the impact of PCBs on the health of the people of Massena.  By asking citizens to contribute their addresses and medical histories to the database and share their stories, we can get a clear pictures of how the hazardous waste has effected us through our online map.



To understand our selves and the risks that surround us in 21st century society we need to understand and learn how to evaluate scientific data. For information of the environmental health hazards in Massena go to our Resource page.