Massena Illness and Affliction Map

The Massena Environmental Health and Justice coalition is collecting data for a study on the effects of PCBs on human health.

Polychlorinated Byphenyls (PCBs) are a group of manmade chemicals that were used in many different products including electrical equipment, surface coating, adhesives and fire retardants. It has been proven that Monsanto, the sole manufacturer of PCBs in the United States, manufactured and sold them knowing that they were extremely toxic and hazardous to human health and the environment. The three major industries in Massena - General Motors, Reynolds Metal, and Alcoa - used and released PCBs into the environment - contaminating our land, air, water and bodies - producing three of the worst hazardous waste sites in the United States.

It was originally believed that the only way that PCBs could enter our bodies was through the food chain - by eating fish from contaminated waters or vegetables grown in contaminated soil, but now we know that PCBs are volatile and we were breathing in these toxic chemicals growing up. PCBs have been linked to different types of Cancer, Diabetes, Neurological and Developmental Disorders, Thyroid problems and other illnesses and afflictions. If you lived in Massena from 1950 to the present, you are invited to participate in this study.

We will use the information collected for this study to seek legal counsel for litigation that will compensate the people of Massena for the ills and injustices inflicted on them by these companies’ negligence and criminal activity.

To participate in the study download the following forms and send back to Massena Environmental Health and Justice Coalition

Illness and Affliction Information Form

Tell Your Story - We invite you to share your story and experience living in Massena with us to get a better and broader understanding of the effects that PCBs have had on our lives. With your permission we will feature your story on the Massena Environmental Health and Justice website and online map. The aim of the map is to share with each other how our lives have been personally impacted by PCBs, and to show the magnitude of their effect on our health, our community and our environment.